Instant Mixes

Sahlab / Starch Pudding-Salep Flavor

Sahlab is the name of a popular drink in Lebanon. It is made by stirring milk with some sugar and a whitish powder (the actual sahlab), which is extracted from a flower and gives the drink its characteristic creaminess and fluffiness.Sahlab

Cooking Instruction
Mix 8 cups of milk with the content of the pack, put on medium fire and stir until boiling. Add one spoon of Cortas Rose Water and / or Orange Blossom Water. Decorate with cinnamon and nuts and serve hot. 


  • Item Code: 1070
  • Description: 200g - 7 oz - Box
  • Case Gross Weight (g): 2690
  • Case Net Weight (g): 2400
  • Case Per Pallet: 100
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