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Meghli / Rice Pudding-Cinnamon Flavor

Meghli  is a traditional Lebanese dessert based on a floured rice pudding and spiced with anise, caraway and cinnamon. The dish is often garnished with shredded coconut and various nuts including almonds, walnuts, pine nuts and pistachios

Meghli is mainly  offered when there is a newborn in the family.

Cooking Instruction
In a fire-proof saucepan, add 4 teaspoons of dry mix Cortas Meghli for each cup of cold water. Stir well and then put on fire while stirring constantly until boiling. Reduce heat and simmer. Stir occasionally to obtain the desired consistency. Transfer to individual dessers bowls and let cool. Decorate with coconut, powder, pine seeds, nuts and almonds. Serve chilled. 


  • Item Code: 0354
  • Description: 200g - 7 oz - Box
  • Case Gross Weight (g): 2690
  • Case Net Weight (g): 2400
  • Case Per Pallet: 100