• Green Olives

    Green Olives

    Freshly harvested Lebanese green olives from the north of Lebanon

    1- Deliciousness with heritage as old as time. Available in 625g – 22 oz, 1000g – 35 oz, 2900g – 6 lbs 6 oz, and 12kg – 26 lbs 7 oz sizes

    2- From the green, lush and rich fields of Lebanon, by the experienced hands of wise and expert farmers in the North.

    3- A flavor that is too famous to even describe. Our olives are the fruits of an entire process of impeccable care, perfect climate, and knowledgeable handlers. A slightly more bitter taste when compared to black olives as they are less ripe

    4- Great for skin health, heart health, and cancer prevention. Vegan, Gluten Free and Preservatives Free.

    5- A multitude of uses, from a delicious after-meal snack, to uses on pizzas, stews, and countless other all-time favorites

    2900 g 625 g 1000 g 12 kg