Our story is a story rooted in the nostalgic taste of home and the flavors of the Lebanese soul. The great Cortas venture blossomed from the pine-forested hills of Brummana, in 1925. From the delightful apricot jam that started as a local sensation, to apprenticeship in Ireland that paved the way for a flourishing company offering a variety of products. The journey wasn’t without its challenges. We have prospered, expanded and flourished despite difficult events such as World War 2 and the Lebanese civil war. True to its Lebanese identity, Cortas rose like the Phoenix from the ashes, and continued to shine.

An almost century-long tale of heritage and perseverance, Cortas is now a vital necessity for the Lebanese diaspora and other diverse communities. With reimagined and reintroduced recipes, Cortas is the crown jewel of any meal of the day.

With the entire world going through a host of problems, conflicts, and negativity, one thing remains true: A good meal and good food help bring people together for joy and love, and that’s the core purpose of Cortas: We exist to help you find goodness through food.

Cortas believes that food has the power to bring people closer and connect with one another. That’s the true Lebanese way, and the Lebanese way is at the very core of us! After all, the goodness of mankind and their collective efforts make everything better and more positive: from the tiniest peach, to the biggest cedar!

History Of Kindness In Times Of War Authentic Middle Eastern


Pierre, Who occupied senior positions in many multinational companies such as Cadbury Adams, Kradt Foods, Mondelez and

Philip Morris for more than 25 years, assumed the responsibility of CEO and General Manager of Cortas Canning &

Refrigeration CO. S.A.L in December 2017. He continues to hold the position of CEO / General Manager at the present time.





    - Maintain quality grade, thereby enhancing product value in the market place.

    - Assure compliance with national and international food regulations.

    - Minimize the possibility of spoilage and resultant hazards to consumers and economic loss.

    At Cortas, Quality Control extends to building design and equipment. In our fully automated factory, all processing, such as the mechanical decortication of sesame seeds and distillation of rose petals and orange blossoms, is performed without the use of chemicals.

    We are proud to announce that Cortas Canning Refrigerating Company is certified ISO 22000:2005 Certification (Food Safety management System) for the scope Production of Tahina and Halva.


    Creating hearty and healthy food. Cortas promises select, timeless authenticity and quality goodness in all its range for the delight of its consumers, without compromising on its vegan, gluten-free, and preservative-free fundamentals.