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    Sesame paste made from freshly roasted stone ground sesame.

    1. Deliciously flavorful sesame paste available in all 4 sizes 454g – 1 lb, 907g – 2 lbs, 5kg – 11 lbs, 18kg – 40 lbs

    2. A major ingredient in Lebanese cuisine, and is a main component used to prepare the famous Hummus and Baba ghannoush dishes.

    3. Made from the best white sesame seeds.

    4. Rich in calcium, prevents anemia, and boosts heart health. Vegan, Gluten Free and preservatives Free.

    5. Makes a perfect base for sauces of all varieties. Salad dressings. Pasta and pasta salad. Homemade ice cream. Brownies. Cookies.

    454 g 907 g